• Helen Maharaj

What's so special about CBT?

The mental health world is buzzing with talk of CBT. People say it can help with anything from depression to diabetes. Why is CBT so popular and what is so special about it? This post will answer these questions and help you understand what's so special about CBT.


Let's start at the beginning. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy helps people change their lives. CBT focuses on the here and now. It helps you understand the ways that you're thinking and the things that you're doing and how they are influencing how you feel. CBT has lots of research behind it.

People have looked into the evidence that it helps people experiencing depression all types of anxiety disorders post-traumatic stress disorder and helps people cope with the effects of physical health problems.

One of the most special things about CBT is that it helps you become your own therapist. In the sessions you will learn what's keeping your problems going on then learn ways to change things for yourself.


One of the myths about CBT is that it doesn't look at your past. This is partly true but not the whole story.

I'll use an example to explain, imagine we walking along the top of a cliff edge then slipped down.You end up clinging to a a ledge halfway down the cliff.

What is going to help you most at this point?

Working out how you slipped Or getting yourself back to the top of the cliff?

I'd suggest you want to get back to safety. Then and only then work out how not to slip down again.

So in CBT we want to boost your mood first,then work out what from the past makes you feel worse and how can you change this to help in the future.


CBT is a very adaptable type of therapy.

You can come to weekly sessions with a therapist, you can read a book and try some of the CBT exercises, or you can go online or use CBT on app on your phone.

CBT fits in with your lifestyle. You can do is much or as little as you want.


There has been lost of research done to show CBT really does work for people with lots of different problems.

CBT was first for depression, the for anxiety, now it is used for most mental health problems.


The best way to find out about CBT is to actually have CBT. You could read a book about driving a car but until you get into the driver's seat and have a try yourself you don't really know what it's like. CBT is the same, you will learn the most by having CBT for yourself and seeing how it can work for you.

If you'd like to try CBT please contact us and we can discuss how CBT can work for you.

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