Low Self Esteem

What is Low Self Esteem? Self esteem treatment Hertfordshire

Self esteem is the way we feel about ourselves.


There can be times in all our lives when we feel less confident and our self esteem can take a drop.


When this becomes more frequent or constant it becomes a low self esteem problem we need to do something about.


Symptoms include feeling bad about ourselves.


Self critical thinking such as "I'm useless", "I'm stupid", and "I can't get things right".

Because we feel so bad we end up avoiding being criticised.


We do not take chances such as going for that promotion or putting ourselves out there. This reinforces feelings of worthlessness.


How to recover

The treatment for Low Self Esteem involves understanding how through no fault of your own you have become stuck in patterns of thinking and behaviour that reinforce your negative feelings. Then taking steps to change negative thoughts and build up more positive self beliefs.

An experienced CBT Therapist will guide you through treatment for low self esteem helping you make the changes you would like based on your goals.


Next steps

If you are experiencing low self esteem and would like to arrange an appointment to discuss if CBT  would be beneficial please contact us.

CBT Reflections offers treatment for Low Self Esteem in the following ways:
  • Telephone 
  • Skype
  • Face to Face in Somerset (coming soon)
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