CBT for Depression

Everyone has times when they feel sad or low. This mostly lasts for a little while when something bad has happened and we feel good again quickly.

Depression is when this low feeling carries on for longer and it starts to get in the way of how you want to live your life.  


You might feel low more often than you feel good.  You might be less interested in the things you used to enjoy.  Other symptoms include feeling down depressed and hopeless, and loosing interest in things.  Physical feelings include change in appetite, feeling exhausted, difficulty sleeping and feeling achy.

Your depression may have been triggered by one difficult event in your life, a build up of stress over time or may have come out of the blue.  


Either way CBT could help you.

1 in 4 people will experience depression in their lifetime, so you are certainly not alone. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend people are offered CBT for depression for between 12 and 20 sessions.

Best treatment for depression

CBT helps you focus on what is keeping your depression going, and to make small changes to start to improve things. This builds up a momentum to bigger and bigger changes.

Treatment usually starts by understanding the behaviours that you could change, using a type of CBT called Behavioural Activation.  This is an effective treatment for depression which is tailored to you.

The next step would be understanding the thoughts that you have when you feel depressed.  By learning to take a step back from these thoughts and consider alternative ways of viewing things you can stop the depression in its tracks.

While you could treat depression on your own using self help books, often people struggle to stay motivated. An experienced CBT Therapist will guide you through treatment for depression, helping you make the changes you would like based on your goals.


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