Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are a sudden period of intense anxiety with many physical sensations including feeling hot, breathing fast, a racing heart, feeling dizzy.


Panic attacks happen with lots of anxiety problems including worry, OCD, PTSD and social anxiety. Often when the other problem is treated the panic attacks get better by themselves.


We often feel scared that the physical sensations mean something bad will happen like fainting, having a heart attack or even dying. This fear makes us scared of the panic attacks and we start to avoid things that might make them happen.


Panic disorder is when we experience repeated panic attacks which sometimes come unexpectedly.  We can then become afraid of having another panic attack.


The treatment for Panic Disorder involves learning about how the panic attacks work and finding out if your fears will come true.

An experienced CBT Therapist will guide you through treatment for panic helping you make the changes you would like based on your goals.


If you are experiencing panic attacks or Panic Disorder and would like to arrange an appointment to discuss if CBT would be beneficial please contact us.

CBT Therapy for Panic attacks in Harpenden, St Albans, Wheathampstead, Welwyn, Hatfield and Redbourn
Panic Cycle
CBT Reflections offers treatment for panic attacks and panic disorder in the following ways:
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